Ilam Queen of Hills of Nepal – Best Places To Visit in Ilam 2023

Ilam is a beautiful place located in the hills of eastern Nepal. Meanwhile, this place is one of the popular tourist destinations in Nepal. This place fascinates holidaymakers who travel to the eastern part of Nepal. Its name comes from the Kiranti language where ‘Il’ stands for twisted while ‘Lam’ stands for the lane. Whereas, Ilam has a winding highway that visitors can find when driving from Jhapa to the destination. This place also known as the Queen of Hills lies 520 km east of Kathmandu. Another, this beautiful place is the land of the rising sun in Nepal, best known for its tea gardens all over the world. Meanwhile, you will find the best places to visit in Ilam 2023 below.

Especially, Ilam is famous for its tea gardens, changing weather, and beautiful landscapes. It includes the famous Ilam Tea Garden, which is a popular tourist destination. Above all the climate is moderate that attracts several holidaymakers to this area. This place has an identity for its premium quality and varieties of teas and milk products. Not to mention, Ilam exports tea to many foreign countries. Besides, this place is the leading producer of cardamom, ginger, potato, chili (dalle/aakabare khursani), and broom. Ilam is also home to different species of birds and animals, including the endangered Red Panda. Without a doubt, this place is a habitat for endangered birds and animals. Overall, visitors find Red Pandas and black bears as well as trees such as Rhododendrons, Chaap, and Sal present at the hill station.

Best places to visit in Ilam 2023

Ilam is the most beautiful place in eastern Nepal. Besides, inside this place also there are many places to visit. Some of the best places to visit in Ilam 2023 are below.

Here is the list of the top 10 places to visit in Ilam

Ilam Bazaar

Ilam Bazaar is full of truly wonderful and stunningly beautiful places that are truly wonderful. From the sparkling view of the tea garden to the beautiful hills, nature has created some of the most breathtaking scenery. Despite this, this place is also famous for its natural scenery, landscapes, and diverse agricultural economy. Whereas, it is located in Ilam Municipality. Similarly, this beautiful place provides sightseeing of the oldest tea state i.e. Ilam Tea State, Bhaludhunga, Ilam View Tower, Seti Devi Temple, and many more. Moreover, this place is also famous for dairy products such as Churpi, Ghee, Bambaisan(Khuwa), Dalle Khursani, and many more. There is the availability of many hotels and restaurants in this area that provide warm hospitability to visitors. Another, the altitude of Ilam Bazaar is 1200m(3937 ft), full of tea gardens and greenery.

Ilam Bazaar is 520 km away from Kathmandu which takes about a 13-hour drive from Kathmandu to reach the destination.

fulgachhi ilam
View From Fulgachhi Ilam
bhaludhunga ilam
Scene from Bhaludhunga Ilam
Lord Shiva Statue at Bhaludhunga
Lord Shiva Statue at Bhaludhunga


Maipokhari is a large pond having nine corners, full of fish and water flowers. It provides reflections of nature through water and is one of the top destinations for visitors in Ilam. Whereas, it is located in Sandakpur Rural Municipality. The altitude of Maipokhari is 2100m(6900 ft) mostly having a cold climate. Likewise, natural thick forests from all sides surround this holy pond. This place accommodates various species of flora and fauna that includes different species of orchids, rhododendron, herbs, and rare animals. Especially Musk Deer, Leopards, Red Panda and Jackals, and various birds like Kalij and rare insects. Mai Pokhari is a pilgrimage place for Hindus and Buddhists. Certainly, this holy place is one of the best places to visit in Ilam 2023.

Maipokhari is 18 km away from Illam Bazaar which takes about an hour’s drive to reach the destination.

Maipokhari Herbal Organic Agriculture Farm Pvt. Ltd.
maipatal ilam
Maipatal Ilam


Kanyam, also known as the queen of hills of eastern Nepal. It is located in Suyodaya Municipality. Similarly, Kanyam is famous for its lush and wide green tea garden. The altitude of Kanyam is 1633m (5358 ft) above sea level mostly having foggy weather. Kanyam has many tea estates that have made Ilam famous for its tea garden all over the country. Especially, these tea gardens are popular among tourists for visiting, refreshment, picnicking, sightseeing, and photography. As this place is mostly liked by tourists, it is the best place to visit in Ilam 2023

Likewise, the tremendous view of sunrise and sunset makes the tea garden more beautiful. Generally, tourists can enjoy paragliding and horse riding in the tea gardens of Kanyam. Moreover, foggy weather improves the experience for persons traveling from outside Ilam. Visitors are excited by the local foods available there like Tongba and Sukuti, as varieties of Mo:mos, Thukpa, and Chowmin

Kanyam is 40 km away from Illam bazaar which takes about one and half hour drive to reach the destination.

tea garden in kanyam ilam
Tea Garden at Kanyam
kanyam ilam
Kanyam in a clear Day
Kanyam During Sunrise
fikkal ilam
Fikkal Tea Garden


Sandakpur is a village located in the hills of north-eastern Illam that provides a majestic view of the Himalayas. Likewise, it is located in Sandakpur Rural Municipality. The top of Sandakpur has a small beautiful village with grateful welcoming people and hotels. Similarly, it offers mostly cold and foggy weather. The altitude of Sandakpur is about 3636m (11930ft) from where visitors can enjoy the magnificent view of the Kanchenjunga, Kumbhakarna, and Sagarmatha Ranges. Since most tourists visit this place to enjoy snowfall. Sandakpur is also popular among visitors for trekking in Ilam. Meanwhile, it is rich in natural diversity including various rare flora and fauna. Sandakpur is the place that is best in East Nepal for bird watching, and you can see Nepal’s national bird Danfe, Kalij, and many more in the area. Moreover, Sandakpur is also home to rare animals like Cheetahs, Musk Deer, and Red Pandas.

Visitors can book a private cab from Ilam Bazaar to Maimajhuwa Khorsanitar. After about 5 hour drive from Maimajhuwa, you will finally arrive at Sandakphu.

Sunset from Sandakpur
Sunset from Sandakpur


Panitar tea state is of the best tea gardens of Ilam which has a scenic landscape with foot trails to the small hilltop. This place is located in Deumai Municipality. Since, it is a place for a picnic, meditation, cycling, refreshment, and many more. Panitar is famous for its organized and properly planned artificial tea garden with the addition of pine trees for more beauty amongst the tea garden. Meanwhile, the weather in Panitar is mostly cold and cloudy likewise other parts of this area. As this place is covered with tea gardens, it is the best place to visit in Ilam 2023. Moreover, the fresh breeze of air from a green environment drives off visitors’ sorrows and brings refreshments. Every moment will be memorable for you when you visit Panitar, so don’t miss the trip to this tea state.

Panitar is 18 km away from Illam Bazaar which takes about a 45-minute drive to reach the destination.

panitar ilam
Beautiful Panitar Ilam
Panitar Tea State
Panitar Tea State

Didi Bahini Jharna-Ilam

Didi Bahini Jharna translated as elder sister’s younger sister waterfall. It is due to the twin waterfall at the same place and is an amazing place to visit. Similarly, Didi Bahini Jharna is located in Puwamajuwa Rural Municipality. The altitude of Didi Bahini Jharna is about 1700m (5578ft) which provides a magnificent view of the twin waterfall. Although visitors can drive up to the destination from Ilam. The energy lost from the 15/20 minute hike through a narrow road is restored by the cold water of the waterfalls and the beautiful scenery. Despite this, the path to the destination is good and has safety railings. Particularly, Didi Bahini Jharna is rich with the abundant beauty of green forests and bio-diversity.

Didi Bahini Jharna is 27 km away from Illam Bazaar which takes about a 45-minute drive to reach the destination.

Didi Bahini Jharna Ilam
Didi Bahini Jharna Ilam
didi bahini jharna ilam
Waterfall View

Pathivara Devi Temple(Sano Pathivara)

Pathivara Devi Temple(Sano Pathivara) is the temple of Goddess Pathibhara. This temple is one of the most visited holy places in the eastern part of Nepal. Whereas, it is located in Suyodaya Municipality. The altitude of Sano Pathivara Temple is about 1750m (5742ft) which is full of dense forest. It is said as a sister temple to the original Pathibhar Devi Temple in Taplejung. Especially those who can’t afford to visit the original Pathivara Devi Temple, visit this temple which lies near Kanyam. As this place is historically famous, it is the best place to visit in Ilam 2023. The religious site is located in Kutidanda and lies just above the Ilam-Mechi highway. Despite this, the weather is mostly foggy and has a cold climate.

To reach Pathivara Devi Temple(Sano Pathivara), Kutidanda is 45 km away from Illam bazaar. Normally, it takes about a two-hour drive to reach Kutidanda from Ilam Bazaar. Also, it is 38 km away from Birtamode which takes about one and half hours drive to reach Kutidanda. After reaching Kuntidada and you need to hike for about 20 minutes to reach the destination.

pathivara ilam
Pathivara Devi Temple Ilam
Pathivara Devi Statue
Pathivara Devi Statue
Inside Pathivara Devi Temple
Inside Pathivara Devi Temple
market in pathivara ilam
Market in Pathivara Ilam

Todke Falls(Todke Jharna)

Todke Jharna has become a symbol of nature’s grandeur and a popular destination for tourists and adventure seekers in Ilam. It is located in Sandakpur Rural Municipality. The altitude of Todke Jharna is about 1650m (5413ft) which has a mind-blowing waterfall view. The place is a major attraction for tourists. Similarly, travelers come here to take photos of the majestic waterfall. This place provides a scene like it’s pouring out from the heavens. Many visitors from inside and outside Nepal have been attracted to this beautiful 85-meter-long waterfall.

To reach Todke Jharna, Deurali is 21 km away from Ilam Bazaar. It takes about an hour’s drive to reach Deurali. After Deurali it takes about one and a half hours hike to reach the destination. Secondly, visitors can park vehicles 5 km far from Deuali. Finally, hike for about half an hour to reach the destination.

todke jharna ilam
Todke Jharna Ilam
Todke Waterfall


Patenagi is a place that lies in the rolling hills of the Ilam. Also, this place is rich in natural beauty and serenity. Visitors visit Patenagi to experience snowfall and breathe scenes of mountain ranges. Meanwhile, this place is located in Puwamajuwa Rural Municipality. The altitude of Patenagi is about 3020m (9908ft) which has a mind-blowing view of clouds below and mountains above. Patenagi is a hidden gem of not only Ilam but of Eastern Nepal. As this place is newly discovered, it is the best place to visit in Ilam 2023. Undoubtedly, visitors can have a panoramic view of Kanchenjunga, Kumbhakarna, and the Everest range.

Patenagi is 32 km away from Illam Bazaar which takes about 1.5 hours drive to reach the destination.

patenagi ilam
Patenagi Ilam
Rhododendron at Patenagi
Rhododendron at Patenagi
patenagi ilam
Snowfall at Patenagi
Snowfall at Patenagi

Antu Danda(Shree Antu)

Antu Danda also known as Shree Antu is a beautiful hill in the Ilam district. Whereas, it is located in Suyodaya Municipality. It is one of the best places in Ilam to view the spectacular sight of sunrise, sunset, and the Himalayas. The altitude of Antu Danda is 2328m(7638 ft), full of tea gardens and thick pine forests. Overall, visitors can enjoy the view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mirik, Darjeeling, Kanyam, and the never-ending terai region from Antu Danda.  There is the availability of Antu Pokhari which facilitates boating for visitors. Apart from these, horse riding also has been one of the adventurous tasks for tourists in Shree Antu. 

Shree Antu is 13 km away from Fikkal Bazaar, whereas it takes about an hour’s drive from Fikkal Bazar(near Kanyam) to reach the destination.

sunrise in antu ilam
Sunrise from Antu Dada
antu view point ilam
Antu View Point
pine trees in antu ilam
Pine Trees in Shree Antu
night view in antu ilam
Evening at Antu Pokhari

Ilam has cultural richness and is host to ethnic groups. This includes Chetteri, Brahmin, Limbu, Rai, Tamang, Magar, Lepcha, Sunuwar, Kulung, Sampang, Gurung, Newari, Sherpa, Bantawa, Chamling, and Yakkha. In recent years, Ilam is famous for the production of Kiwi, as the government has introduced the Kiwi zone inside Ilam. Maipokhari Herbal Organic Agriculture Farm Pvt. Ltd. that lies at Sandakpur Rural Municipality -3, Maipatal Ilam.To point out, it is one of the top Kiwi-producing farms and the best agriculture research center in Ilam. Many students studying OJT/WEP get training in agriculture farms.

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