Kichakbadh Temple – A historical and religious place in Jhapa

Kichakbadh Temple, a place in Prithivinagar, Jhapa has great religious and historical importance. This place lies in Bhadrapur Municipality – 2, Jhapa, Nepal. Kichakbadh stretches on land approximately more than 10 bighas (25084 square meters). Similarly, this place has great religious and historical value in the Hindu community. King Mahendra built the Kichakbadh Temple. It is written on the stone walls of the temple. At this temple, hundreds of tourists visit this place every day. Due to its growing popularity, the local government also has shown great interest in the development of this place. Located on the bank of the Mechi River, this place is a popular tourist destination for locals and outsiders as well. Moreover, visitors can find statues and holy temples around the place. The Kichakbadh Temple lies inside the forest, green trees and jungle surround the place from all sides.

Not only the statues and temples around the place, every year a Mela is organized on the temple premises. This event takes place on the first week of Falgun, mostly on the 2nd of Falgun. Pilgrims and visitors from the local area and outside including near districts of India also visit the place. People who visit the lowest place of Nepal, Kechana do not forget to visit this place. There is a belief that this place has had religious significance since the Mahabharata period. According to archaeologists, the remains that are available in this place are more than 2000 years old. The local people of the temple area community, especially the Rajbanshi community organize special puja in the old pond of Kichakavadh. Meanwhile, the local people celebrate Maghe Sukla Purnima every year.

Temple at Kichakbadh
Temple at Kichakbadh


The meaning of the word “Kichakbadh” consists of two words. The first is “Kichaka” who is the brother of Draupadi and a powerful commander in Mahabharata. Similarly, the second is “Badh” which means to kill or to assassinate. Hence, the meaning of the place Kichakbadh is a place where Kichaka was dead.

History of Kichaka in Mahabharata

In Mahabharata, Kichaka, also known as Keechaka, is Matsya Rajya‘s (Kingdom’s) commander-in-chief. Meanwhile, Matsya Rajya was a country ruled by King Virata. Kichaka was the younger brother of the queen of Virata (Queen Sudeshna). Similarly, in Mahabharata Kichaka was a very powerful man. Everybody believed that he had immense strength. Moreover, Kichaka also saved Virata’s kingdom from enemies many times. Kichaka wanted to marry Draupadi but she refused to marry. Once Bhima found that Kichaka was harassing Draupadi. As a punishment, Bhima killed Kichaka at a place where today Kichakbadh lies at Bhadrapur Jhapa.

History of Kichakbadh in Bhadrapur, Jhapa

There are two beliefs about the temple according to the local people.

The local people say that the first belief is in Mahabharata, Bhima had to kill Kichaka away from the palace. When Draupadi ordered Bhima to kill Kichaka, he took Kichaka to the place where today Kichakbadh Temple lies. And there is a belief that Kichaka killed him at this place which today lies at Bhadrapur Municipality – 2, Jhapa. There is a big statue showing the killing of Kichaka by Bhima.

The other belief is that this temple was built and named to reflect the negative attribute character only.

Description of the Place, Kichakbadh Temple

The temple, Kichakbadh lies in Bhadrapur Municipality Ward No – 2 of Jhapa district in Nepal. This famous, religious and historical temple lies alongside the popular Mechi River. Meanwhile, the Mechi River separates the two countries India and Nepal. The visitors can reach the temple by Bhadrapur-Prithivinagar road. Similarly, if you are traveling to the lowest place in Nepal, Kechana, you can stop by the temple and visit around.

Bhima Killing Kichaka

Highlights and Attractions of the Kichakbadh Temple

  • Popular Kichakbadh Temple
  • Two statues of Bhima killing Kichaka
  • Suspension Bridge near the temple
  • Children Park
  • Small Pond on the temple premises
  • Local shops and restaurants to taste the local food
  • Fair held on the Falgun 2nd
  • Jungle area around the temple to walk
  • Enjoy picnics

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How to reach Kichakbadh Temple

The temple lies at a distance of approximately 10 km from Bhadrapur Chowk, Jhapa. Bhadrapur lies at a distance of approximately 490 km from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

By Private Vehicle

Visitors can take the way towards Prithivinagar from Bhadrapur Bazaar. It may take around 20 minutes o reach the temple on a private vehicle from Bhadrapur.

By Public Vehicle

Although you will not get a public vehicle up to the temple, you can take the public vehicle on the Prithivinagar route and drop off at Sagarmatha Chowk. Moreover, you can take the local Tempo, Rickshaw from there or walk around 10-15 minutes to reach the temple.

Google Map of Kichakbadh Temple


What is the history of kichakbadh?

The history of Kichakbadh is back to the Mahabharata period.

Who is the father of Keechaka?

Kekaya is the father of Keechaka.

Where does Kichakbadh Temple lie?

Kichakbadh Temple lies in Bhadrapur Municipality-2, Jhapa.


The famous place in Jhapa, Kichakbadh Temple has a great historical and religious value. Similarly, this place could be a popular tourist destination in Jhapa district if adequately developed.

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